ABOUT   I decided to challenge myself and create a personal branding. It is probably most difficult thing for any designer.
PROJECT   It was an interesting inner journey. My goal was to create a logo that will be easy to recognize and remember and yet to be very minimal. Same approach was used for color, where soft yellow was added as a supportive color that can be found as dominant on the crest of my hometown.  Predrag is hard to pronounce for most people so I gave up on using my name as a brand and decided to dive deep and create a brand name for myself.
SOLUTION   I'm coming from a small industrial city in Serbia, surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature. I always loved simple things. There's something in simple shapes, like circle. The unity, the perfection. But I believe there's no such thing as being perfect. That is why i have a tattoo that is crossed circle, ruined perfection. It was my starting point for a logo. I am originally from Bor, so the logical thing was that I am Boriginal. 
logo building 
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